Seven things to gather
Seven places to go
Riddles and secrets to uncover
Treasure and magic to discover

In the shadow of white
In Dunfearran
Ghosts appear to be around
Somewhere underground
The Ghostbane is the first thing

The stone is the second
In the heart of Avarians Mace

The dark star is in the hand
Of the black blind man

In the black chasm
The door is closed
Open it if you dare
To find terror and light in there

In the marshes of death
There is life
But beware
Firiallian is there

In the tower of the moon
Under the temple of webs
In the darkness
The next thing awaits

Barad Sereg, Ostigurth and Gûrthlug
Is a couple of names
You will not understand
Just bring me the collar of command